Eastern Europe

This handbook was issued in 2018. On 1,100 pages it deals with the following countries:

Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Danzig, Estonia, Yugoslavia, Latvia, Lithuania, Karpato Ukraine, Kosovo, Croatia, Macedonia, Moldawia, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, the Sovjet Union, Czech Republic, Czechoslovakia, Ukraine, Hungary, Belarus. All other Eastern European countries never issued a view card.

The book is printed on 115g paper and consits of two separate harcover-volumes with thread stitching and ribbon bookmark. The 1st volume has 528 pages, the 2nd 568. The book is bilingual in most parts, i.e. in German and English. It covers all view cards which were issued by the European non-CEPT countries and by CEPT member Yugoslavia. The views of almost all cards are shown as a picture.

The book comes with a DVD, which holds almost all cards as pictures. Also, you find an interactive catalogue which can be used as a stock/want list.

Click here for the table of contents of the book and here for a sample of the catalogue, which is designed as an interactive form.


Please find below sample pages of some countries.
For a free download click on image or country name (Attention! Files may be big!).